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Activities for This Book Can Read Your Mind  

This Book CAN Read Your Mind! But please remember - it is extremely delicate and is particularly sensitive to silliness of any kind.


But it will be quite alright, because we have heard that YOU are actually very sensible and not at all silly.  


Draw your thoughts here!  

This Book Can Read Your Mind activity sh

Oh dear! The mind reading equipment has detected 'Steady On There' levels of silliness. This must stop at once! Please do not decorate these silly pants and make them ANY sillier! 

This Book Can Read Your Mind activity sh

Activities for The Terribly Friendly Fox  

When  a  fox arrived at The Annual Woodland Creatures' Ball some of the guests were a little alarmed.  After all, we had heard some rather alarming things about foxes, and this was The Wiley Fox, was it not?


But  it turned out  we had misunderstood. He explained that he was an entirely reformed character. He had changed his name to Gerald, and was now a vegetarian.



Gerald is looking terribly friendly here. But can you make him look terribly dastardly

Activity Sheet 2.jpg

Good heavens! There's someone at the door! I wonder who is making that mouse look quite so nervous? Draw your own unexpected party guest! 

Activity Sheet 1.jpg

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