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A joint writer and illustrator workshop with Susannah and Paddy Donnelly

In Here Be Dragons our knight sets out on a quest- to find a dragon and battle it! Huzzah! But he doesn't seem to have much luck spotting any.... even when he wanders in to the fiery belly of one. Will the hapless knight get burnt to a crisp or will he be rescued by the valiant damsel?! ....  



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It is a brilliant feeling when you first think of a character for a story, but if you really want to bring them to life, you need to get to know them a little first! 

What do they sound like?

What do they want?

How do they feel?

What do they look like? 

How do they act?


In this workshop writer Susannah and illustrator Paddy will explore all of these questions and show you how they developed the characters in Here Be Dragons! 




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Learn all about:

  • How making characters can be a lot like playing because you get to be someone else in your head!

  • How things don't always come out right the first time

  • How trying out lots of ideas helps you find the idea that you love the best! 




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When writing This Book Can Read Your Mind, Susannah had to search the very depths of her imagination to dream up the silliest thing she could think of, and then see if she could make it EVEN sillier!


But what could be sillier than a pink elephant, riding a unicyle, playing the tuba and wearing silly pants? Lets find out!  


In this workshop your class will search deep inside their minds and exercise their imagination muscles to capture their silliest thoughts.


But be warned! We will be testing these thoughts out on a real life, fully functional MIND READING MACHINE!  This includes a silliometer which will carefully monitor the levels of silliness and check for any DANGEROUSLY SILLY thoughts!


Steady on there!

A workshop designed to fill children with confidence about the power of their imaginations.




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This Book Can Read Your Mind is a truly incredible book. It can do something that has never been achieved before.  It can READ YOUR MIND!


Just one little word of warning: it is extremely delicate, and is particularly sensitive to silliness of any kind. 

In this workshop Susannah explains how she first got the first tiny seed of an idea for the main character of The Terribly Friendly Fox, and how she set about growing this idea into a story.


Your class will find out how to dream up their very own unique UNEXPECTED CHARACTERS which are guaranteed to get their imaginations fired up! 



Page From The Terribly Friendly Fox Susa


In The Terribly Friendly Fox, the party goers of the Annual Woodland Creatures Ball are alarmed when an unexpected guest arrives.  After all, they have heard rumours about foxes, and their appetites! However, this is no ordinary fox. It turns out he is an entirely reformed character! He has changed his name to Gerald, he is now a vegetarian, and he is ever so friendly. In fact, you could say, he is terribly friendly....  



Option c) 




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Do you have children in your class who don’t feel that ‘books’ are for them?

Children who are under-confident in their own creative abilities?

Children who panic and go blank if they are asked to think of a story?

Children who are inhibited in their creative work by the fear of not getting it ‘right’?

Then Susannah’s workshops are for you!