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Do you have children in your class who don’t feel that ‘books’ are for them?

Children who are under-confident in their own creative abilities?

Children who seem full of ideas but struggle with the act of writing?

Children who may be more able in writing but are inhibited in their creative work by the fear of not getting it ‘right’?

Then Susannah’s workshops are for you!  Susannah is passionate about getting ALL children excited about reading and writing for pleasure! 

She offers a range of interactive virtual workshop packages for schools, based around her picture books and own experiences of writing. 

They are suitable for Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and can be adapted for all ability levels which she is happy to discuss with you in advance of the date.

​She has trained with The Literacy Trust on their ‘School For Writers’ course on how to deliver school workshops that link in with the needs of the curriculum.  She is very experienced with working with children with a wide range of literacy and communication strengths and difficulties, and also EAL.

​Each workshop is 1 hour long and comes with a reading of one of Susannah’s books and a question and answer session for the children.



In Susannah's first picture book, The Terribly Friendly Fox, the party goers of the Annual Woodland Creatures Ball are alarmed when an unexpected guest arrives.  After all, they have heard rumours about foxes, and their appetites! However, this is no ordinary fox. It turns out he is an entirely reformed character! He has changed his name to Gerald, he is now a vegetarian, and he is ever so friendly. In fact, you could say, he is terribly friendly....  

In this workshop your class can find out how to dream up their very own unique UNEXPECTED GUEST character and  create their very own picture book story around them! 





In Susannah's second picture book, This Book Can Read Your Mind, a scientist introduces you to something truly incredible! Something that has never before been achieved. A book that can actually READ YOUR MIND! However, one word of warning - the mind reading equipment is extremely delicate and is particularly sensitive to silliness of any kind. But that is quite alright, because we have heard that your class are actually very sensible indeed AND not at all silly!  

In this workshop your class can get their inventing hats on and together we will design and build a fully functional MIND READING MACHINE!  Then we will search deep inside our minds and exercise our imagination muscles to capture our silliest thoughts on paper. We will be testing these out on the silliometer which will check for any DANGEROUSLY SILLY thoughts! Steady on there! 

WORKSHOP OPTION c) (Also available as an ASSEMBLY) 


Susannah has always loved reading books and she began writing her very own ones when she was just five years old, at her kitchen table, with lots of felt tip pens and some help from her mum to staple the pages together. Her first one was about a crafty fox and she still loves writing about foxes even now. When she was 11 she tried her hand at writing her first chapter book, an Agatha Christie style murder mystery.


When she was about 12 she made a BIG mistake!  She stopped writing stories for fun.




She thought that only special sorts of people got to become writers, and she also thought that if a story didn’t come out right the first time that meant you must be no good at writing. She also found spelling really difficult (and still does) and she thought that maybe if you couldn’t spell easily, that meant you couldn’t write.   

She was very wrong about ALL of these things. In this workshop Susannah explains what Top Tips she has learnt through her own writing journey, including: 

Where do ideas come from?

What do you do with an idea when you get one?

How to day dream

Writing is like play - the joy of messy first drafts

Reading as rocket fuel for writing 

To find out more, or to discuss tailor made options for your individual school's needs, email Susannah on

Feedback from workshops includes: 

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