Here Be Dragons

Illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

Published by Frances Lincoln,   February 2021

Coming Soon! 

You’ll never guess what the other knights said.

“There’s no such thing as a dragon.”


I said, “Forsooth! There is TOO such a thing!” And I’m gonna find one. AND battle it. So there! HUZZAH!


You only have to know where to look. And I do know where. I have a map, and it says…



This book is about a knight on a mission: to find and slay a dragon.  But will our hapless knight spot the dragon before it's too late?!

Young readers will love spotting the dragon in the background in this laugh-out-loud story.


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Reviews of Here Be Dragons  


"A glorious, rip-roaring, laugh-out-loud, girls-rule picture book from an exciting, creative duo!

In Here Be Dragons one hapless, hilarious knight makes it his mission to go find and slay a dragon and prove the other unruly knights wrong. Past treasure and bones, up a suspiciously spiky dragon-like hill and into a cave of pearly white chompers, will the knight spot the dragon before it’s too late... or will a fearless damsel step in and save the day?!

With eccentric old-English jargon and superb illustrations that cleverly incorporate the dragon into the landscape, Here Be Dragons is a wildly witty and wonderfully wholesome gem that little readers will adore!"

Bluebird Reviews 

"It is a hilarious story about a knight on a mission to find and slay a dragon! I am a huge fan of Susannah, we love her other book The Terribly Friendly Fox. In Here Be Dragons, we are once again introduced to Susannah’s unique way of telling a story. It is a story with a twist, a story with lots of subtle clues for you and your little ones to figure out - where exactly is the dragon? We read it with Maxi and we had so much fun looking for clues. The illustrations are hilarious. We LOVE the facial expressions of the knight and the bold colour. We love this book!."

Sissi Reads 

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