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School Workshops
Currently available virtually via Zoom, Google Meet or Teams

"We LOVED it!"


Deputy Head, Saltaire Primary, Bradford, year 2 workshop

 "I liked it because she had amazing ideas. She was also full of joy."

Year 5 student, Raynville Primary School, Leeds

"Immensely engaging, interactive and entertaining!" 

Year 3 teacher, Cowie Primary, Sterling

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"The class were absolutely buzzing afterwards!"


English Lead, Ringshall Primary, Suffolk

Susannah began her writing journey when she was just five years old, at her kitchen table, with lots of felt tip pens and some help from her mum to staple the pages together.


She has learnt many things along the way!

Susannah's workshops are designed to get children excited about reading for pleasure, the power of their imaginations and their own story making potential.

All workshops are 60 minutes and include: 

  • A live reading of Susannah's picture books 

  • Activities designed to spark ideas for the children's own story making

  • A chance for the children to share their ideas and ask Susannah questions about her books and writing

The workshops come in different formats adapted for the needs of Reception and Key Stages 1 & 2. Susannah is happy to discuss the needs of your individual class with you in advance of the date. 

Idea Catching & the Art of the Daydream

Where do ideas come from?

How do you know when you've got one?

What do you do with an idea when you've found one?

In this workshop we find out how all writers are great noticers!

We learn how some of the greatest stories we know started out small, with the question 'What if...?'

We practise the lost art of the daydream, looking deep into our own imaginations to grow the seeds for our own stories!

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Inventing New Characters & Getting to Know Them

In this workshop we will find out how to dream up new characters that are guaranteed to get our imaginations fired up!

Then we will spend some time getting to know them a little, so we can really bring them to life!

We will explore questions like:

What do they look like?

What do they eat for dinner? 

How do they sound? 

And most importantly of all...Whatever do they want?

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Fun With Words and Pictures
In this workshops we find out:

What do writer and  illustrators do?

How to tell a story through words and pictures.

We discover if we can tell a story without using any words at all.

What happens when the words and the pictures tell us something different? Why reading a story can be a bit like being a detective.

We discover the interesting things that can happen between page turns and how some of the story happens in the mind of the reader themselves.


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The Book Can Read Your Mind Cover.jpg
Here Be Dragons Cover.jpg

"A thrilling interactive experience.
 Very engaging.
Answered all the children's questions with great enthusiasm.
I can't recommend it highly enough."

Year 1 teacher, Commercial Primary School, Dunfermline, Fife

"The kids were totally engaged with Susannah’s fantastic storytelling" 
Key Stage 1 teacher, St Vincent De Paul’s Primary School, Belfast 

"Susannah’s delivery was so enthusiastic, inspiring and fun.  It was great to see how imaginative the children were, coming up with their own story ideas. She really got the children engaged."

Assistant Head & Early Phase Leader, Saltaire Primary School, Bradford

"The workshops were amazing and the girls were all so interested. They're all talking about the picture books and characters they're making!"

Year 5 teacher,  
 Saint Marys, Hampstead

"Susannah provided lots of creative inspiration for the children taking part who all thoroughly enjoyed the session!"

Liverpool Festival of Reading

"Very inspirational. 

It has created a great buzz in this house."

Parent of a year 6 student,  

 St Patrick's & St. Brigid's. Ballycastle, Northerrn Ireland

 "Both teachers were delighted with the visit."

Head Teacher, Low Ash Primary School, Bradford

" It was really, really,really, really, really great. It was fantastic. It was super dooper! I want to do it all over again!"

Year 2 student,  Saltaire Primary School, Bradford

 "It was the best!"

Year 5 student, Raynville Primary School, Leeds

"My daughter LOVED the story workshop. She came away buzzing with ideas!"

Parent of a year 2 student

Saltaire Primary School, Bradford

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