This Book Can Read Your Mind

You have just opened a truly incredible book. This book can do something that has never been achieved before.  This book can READ YOUR MIND!


Just one little word of warning: this book is extremely delicate, and is particularly sensitive to silliness of any kind. 

Illustrated by Jacob Grant


Published by Frances Lincoln, 2020

But it will be quite alright, because we have heard that you are actually very sensible and not at all silly. 

You will be sensible, wont you? And whatever you do, don't think of anything silly. You know, like a  pink elephant...

Reviews of This Book Can Read Your Mind  

"This witty picture book involves the reader from the outset."

"wonderfully bold and anarchic pictures." 

"A very funny and clever book that its bound to amuse and delight young readers."

The School Librarian - The magazine of the Schools Librarian Association 



“Irresistible, laugh out loud story all about the power of books and the imagination.”
“This book will have young (and old) readers in stitches.”
"The zany illustrative style is perfectly suited to this story and the clever use of the only white space being within the speech bubbles immediately emphasises the instructional and increasingly shouty nature of the scientist’s words. Both great fun and a creative inspiration, this is a must have purchase!” 



“This book should come with an actual health warning. My 3 yo laughed so hard he choked up a green bean.  This was on the fourth time of reading it. On the day we got it. The first time we read it we were all snorting with laughter.... Just brilliant.” 

Kids StoryWorld

"A book that will have young children grinning and giggling”

Jen Campbell


“Thank you…  for making the children laugh so much – my favourite sound in the world!”  

The Little Literary Society

“My kids cracked up the first time we read this ... a stimulating read for those with silly imaginations."

 Small Print Books

“This is a very creative and fun book that grabs hold of your attention from the first page and pulls you straight in! Addressing the reader directly, it claims to be able to read your mind and amazingly ( through cleverly placed vocabulary) it does! One of the most original books I’ve come across in a while, it can’t help but captivate little ones.” 

Stories For Little Ones

"This Book Can Read Your Mind...It actually can!"

"Playfully includes the reader in the storytelling by cleverly using the power of suggestion."

Where The Wild Things Are Bookshop

This Book Can Read Your Mind is also available in Spanish as:

Este Libro Puede Leerte La Mente 

published by SM

.& in Catalan as:

Aquest Llibre Llegeix Els Pensaments

published by Cruïlla

© 2019 by Susannah Lloyd

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