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Here Be Giants

Illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

Published by Frances Lincoln,   April 2024

Prithee, let us not tarry, for the hapless knight of Here Be Dragons is BACK and he is setting forth on a new MOST PERILOUS quest! A quest to find a GIANT!


All the other knights in the kingdom say he could never track down a giant, but the knight has just come across a most fortuitous find! A book, "How to Spot a Giant Before He Spots You."


And so, with his long-suffering horse, the knight sets off to find a giant. His journey takes him through huge craters, past a towering beanstalk and up a strange-looking mountain. But is that thunder he can hear or is he getting closer to giant-sized peril?

Will our hapless hero spot the giant before it’s too late?


Young readers will love the “he’s behind you!” feel of this laugh-out-loud follow-up to Here Be Dragons from Susannah Lloyd and Paddy Donnelly.

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Reviews For Here Be Giants   

"Susannah Lloyd and Paddy Donnelly have the rare achievement of creating a sequel that is just as good, if not better, than the original...The picturebook sings with a humour that revels in the stupidity and obliviousness of the knight, the total terror of the horse, and the the bravery of the one competent female knight among them...  Paddy Donnelly's spreads are riots of colour and action. There are fresh, funny details to be found on every page that will reward any readers who love pouring over illustrations for hidden Easter eggs. The text is brilliantly sharp and witty too - perfect for reading aloud. Children will adore watching the tension grow as the giant and his lunch get closer and closer to meeting. A brilliant fairy-tale romp that is sure to be a first choice for many a bedtime to come."

Children's Books Ireland Magazine

"What a brilliant hilarious readaloud… “Here be Giants” by Susannah Lloyd and Paddy Donnelly is a blast. Fantastically written and visually fab, it turned storytime into a pantomime. A joyous class share and brilliant sequel to “Here Be Dragons”"

Simon Smith, School Principal, Twitter


This is a wonderfully humorous book - a romping cross between Jacques Clouseau and Monty Python....Young readers will love the 'he’s behind you!' feel of this laugh-out-loud follow-up to Here Be Dragons."

Maria Marshall, The Picture Book Buzz

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